About the Millson Group

Millson Group is a professional services provider for land owners, property investors, financial institutions & developers. Based in Manchester and with experts across the UK, we specialise in providing strategic planning and development knowledge with the aim to maximise profit and productivity for our clients.

We take an honest and down to earth approach to all projects with the understanding that realising the value for our clients’ assets with a strategy and putting our clients needs first should always be a priority. The Millson Group comprises of experts in three main areas of the construction sector: Development Management, Architecture and Interior Design. Each segment presents its own challenges and our team utilising the latest technology, creativity and an open approach to stay ahead of the curve.

Who are we?

Philip Millson

Ryan Brookes
Managing Director

Carl Priestley

Stina Homewood
Senior Designer

Steven Dempsey

Steven Dempsey
Associate Architect

James Ward
Technical Manager

Lewis Jolliffe
Architectural Technologist/BIM Specialist

Melanie Hallows
Finance Manager

Lizzie Schofield
Development Coordinator

Rachel Beesley

Jason Prince

Jason Prince
Senior Designer

Anna Kulbacki

Anna Kulbacki
Interior Designer

Elinor Mulligan
Architectural Assistant

We’re always interested in talented property professionals who might be looking for full-time, placement or partnership work.

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