With many residential sites stalling due to affordable housing requirements, increasing the supply of affordable homes poses a significant challenge.

The East Manchester borough of Tameside comprises a mix of lower value residential properties close to the Manchester city core, with a broad variety of land uses being found on the periphery of the borough.

One of the most active registered providers of affordable housing in the area is New Charter Housing Trust Group, who have been instrumental in developing lower cost housing. Nevertheless one of the challenges in delivering affordable units is filtering out viable sites early in the process so that schemes can be built out as quickly as possible in order to help ease the huge demand for lower cost housing.

Understanding the local market, and the underlying demands, in 2012/13 we undertook a series of turnkey development sites to New Charter with a view to delivering new build affordable houses within 18 months of site purchase.

The main challenges were:

  • Negotiations with the landowners in order to provide them with sufficient land value to release the site.
  • Assembling sites that were available immediately.
  • Managing the planning and building regulation process as swiftly as possible in order not to delay start on site.

In order to address the above issues we:

  • Built a development team that comprised the expertise of Seddon Construction from early in the process, which allowed for costings and values to be established as soon as possible.
  • Close consultation with New Charter from the outset in order to establish end user requirements prior to planning or building reg stages.
  • Setting up of a dedicated team to manage the public consultation process in order to reduce any community concerns.

The above approach was altered in:

  • The detailed planning consent for 69 affordable homes over 3 sites in Tameside.
  • The completion of the new dwellings within 18 months of the sites being identified.