Modelling buildings using BIM is commonplace on large commercial or public projects. However, the benefits can be just as useful in residential development.

Seddon Homes are a prominent and active house builder. They have been constructing high-quality homes for decades across the north-west UK using a wide variety of high-quality house types.

Having helped Seddon deliver hundreds of new homes using traditional design project management methods, in 2010 we began the process of investigating whether BIM could offer efficiencies to both Seddon and the project team as a whole.

The challenges were:

  • To ensure that information was more consistent between planning and on-site stages of each project.
  • To drive efficiency gains between the planning construction and sales cycle to ensure that there is no replication of information.

To try and achieve improvements in the above areas we:

  • Consulted Seddon and their consulting engineers about the potential use of a BIM system.
  • Began testing BIM in the modelling of specific house types.
  • Fully adopted the use of BIM across large residential schemes, including a 115 unit development in Cheshire.
  • Broadened our consultees within the Seddon Homes project team to include members of the sales team, which have allowed BIM information to be used for sales brochures.

The above approach has resulted in:

  • One core set of building models that are now responsible for taking the project from planning through to sales material, without the need for duplication or significant changes.
  • Significantly greater consistency in information particularly when changes are necessary.