At Millson Group, we pride ourselves on teamwork and nurturing new talent We believe that helping the designers of the future is integral to our success. Anna was recently employed as an Interior Designer and has proven to be a great asset in her short time with us. We asked Anna to tell us about her time here, to give you a greater idea of what life is like working for Millson Group.

The weeks have flown by since I was first employed as an Interior Designer at Millson Group. I have encountered a rich and diverse variety of projects, people and experiences during my three months here. The opportunity to learn such a variety of skills has only been enhanced by the vibrant, productive and engaging environment of the Millson Group office. I am starting to understand that this really does bring out the best in the designers and is integral to Millson Group’s success.

As an Interior Designer, being surrounded by already accomplished and talented designers makes for the perfect educational setting: abundant in inspiration and ready-made teachers. Millson Group embraces teamwork as a core value in the company and to achieve the best and most successful designs we believe it is integral to work together. The advantage of my recent post-grad role means I still have a lot to learn and therefore several aspects of how the Millson Interior Desig team approach their work is new to me. Often, as I immerse myself in every stage of the design process, I learn something new.

With every day promising something new to learn, whether this be bettering my professionalism or enhancing my creativity and technical skills, the prospect of being an Interior Designer is an exciting one. I have come to learn that this excitement and enthusiasm is just as important to bring to the office environment as my creativity and knowledge. A positive energy and the ability to make a good cup of tea are vital qualities of any Interior Designer!


Before joining Millson Group I had worked in a range of other practices for short periods of time. I completed a variety of tasks from ordering samples and shredding the office waste paper to attending client meetings and learning CAD software. Upon starting my new job, I was not sure what level of responsibility I was going to be given, but I quickly learnt that if you show initiative and are attentive to the people around you, you are given more responsibility.

The quickest way to learn is by hitting the ground running and having confidence in your ability as a designer, whilst not being afraid to ask questions. In just a short space of time I have been trusted to valuably contribute to projects and have given my input several times in meetings.

Millson Group adopt a healthy balance between a professional yet comfortable atmosphere. The total honesty that is expected between colleagues and the ability to laugh in the workplace, while still maintaining an efficient design practice, is an area in which the Millson Group office thrives. I am looking forward to learning new skills whilst continuing to develop and mature my designs. I hope to become a valuable member of Millson Group and contribute to successful projects in the future.