Interior design is about enhancing a space to provide the most inspiring and best experience possible. Our team of experienced and talented interior designers are recognised for their design innovation and are able to provide practical yet creative spaces that meet even the most challenging of budget or brief. We approach each project with the same set of core values.


Clients come before all else.

We prioritise our clients’ needs on all of our projects and give them the best advice on how to maximise the value of their assets without compromising on design and ensuring that our schemes are deliverable on time and to budget.

Total Honesty.

This is key to any relationship or partnership whether it is our clients or our staff. We are always honest in managing clients expectations and we will not give you unrealistic expectations which can never be delivered. Our results speak for themselves.


At Millson, we are passionate about creating teams that function well for all parties whether they are an employee, client or member of our design team. We want our delivery teams and partners to benefit from any help we can give as this makes for a successful project outcome.

No Egos.

We never think our ideas are by default better than our clients. We realise that we exist to help our clients achieve their aspirations not tell them what their aspirations need to be.