BIM Housing Portfolio

Since 2010 we have assisted Seddon Homes to deliver hundreds of new homes using a purpose built BIM portfolio which has significantly improved efficiencies in their construction and marketing processes.

The challenges set out by our client were to ensure that information was more consistent between planning and construction stages of each project. This would result in the drive of efficiency gains between the planning, construction and sales cycle to ensure that there is no inconsistencies with the information at any stage as this had previously resulted in costly mistakes on site.

We initially consolidated Seddon’s house type range into a portfolio in excess of 30No. intelligent models, applying cost effective construction details consistently across the range and standardised elevational treatments to allow for a standard approach across all current sites. This has resulted in cost savings when ordering materials and rolling out large scale projects.

As a follow on from the BIM portfolio range, we broadened our connection within the Seddon Homes sales team to incorporate 3D BIM information into their sales material which has resulted in one core set of building models that are now responsible for taking the project from planning through to sales material, without the need for duplication or significant

changes. This allows the client significantly greater control and consistency of the management of construction information particularly when bespoke changes are necessary across the full scope of the project.