Shepley Street Development in a Conservation Area

The site at Shepley Street in Glossop, Derbyshire, comprises 2.5 acres of brown and greenfield land. With a large level difference between the northern and southern section of the site, the proposals for residential development needed to overcome significant engineering challenges.

In addition, the site is located on the edge of the high peak national park and is in a conservation area which presents a series of development challenges.

Following an extensive consultation period over a number of years and thoroughly detailed planning, planning permission was granted for 44 residential dwellings in 2013.

One of the most demanding aspects of this scheme was ensuring that any proposal for the new dwellings was highly sympathetic to the historical nature of the local environment, and therefore a significant amount of design input was required. It was important to ensure that the properties blended in with the conservation area and incorporated as many aspects of the local area as possible.

In late 2013, we successfully negotiated the sale of the site to a house builder.