Planning Application Management

Where a project involves either a material change of use of a building or land, or where construction work is taking place, it’s likely that planning permission will be required unless it falls under permitted development rights. In the UK, planning permission, and the process of obtaining it, is governed by the Town and Country Planning Act, and associated legislation. This means that, although it involves design and construction matters, the underlying activity of gaining planning is a legal process. This means that care needs to be taken when apply for planning permission. Procedural errors can be a substantial source of risk for new applications, and where development has occurred without the appropriate planning permission, enforcement legislation gives authorities the power to order the demolition of buildings.

However, obtaining planning permission for a well considered scheme can be a major source of additional value for property owners, which can often far outweigh the typical costs and time associated with gaining planning approval.

Planning Application Management Projects
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Brookbottom (Main)
Brookbottom Mills
Cavendish (Main)
Cavendish Wharf
Backbarrow Ironworks
Firth Rixson