Architectural Design

Concept architectural design is the first stage in achieving the Client requirements as defined in a development briefing. The outcome of the concept design process is to have project information which explains how a development proposal can fit with Client requirements, and take into account the key constraints around town planning policy, engineering, access and other factors.

Depending on the scope and project timescales, the completion of concept design work can result in the submission for either pre-application planning advice, or the submission of a planning application. To ensure that planning submissions can be easily integrated into the next stages of the development project, such as the technical design and construction stages, it’s critical that concept design work is not produced in isolation, and fully considers how the project will be constructed in a cost conscious manner, and ultimately taken to market following completion.

Following from concept design and briefing stages, a development project will have the necessary planning permissions in place to move towards construction stage. However, prior to starting on-site, the design proposals used during the concept stage will need more technical drawing detail, as well as materials specifications. Typically, projects go through a technical design stage to produce this information. Depending on the scope and timescales of the project, it may be advisable to add more technical detail during the concept stages. This may be relevant where the project is particularly sensitive, such as where Listed Buildings are involved, where the local planning authority need more details on construction methods before granting planning or Listed Building consent.

The outcome of the technical design process is a package of information which fully supports the costing and construction of a project, as well as providing the basis for other statutory approvals, mainly building regulation and discharge of planning condition approvals.

Architectural Design Projects
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